Believe it or not, I’ve had a few minor encounters with ghosts…mostly during my travels through the UK. A land so ancient and brimming with history’s bound to have some ghosties hanging around. Now, if you’re the squeamish type who believes you need some protection, this may just be the set for you!

That’s right! The Ghostbusters!

Clockwise from left: Stantz, Venkman, Zeddemore, Spengler, and Slimer

These proton packs nearly did me in! I had to spread the painting over several days as an effort to keep my sanity.

Here’s a close up of the pack.

Peter Venkman’s ghost detecting gadget and the Ghostbusters emblem.

Ray Stantz’s Proton Gun and Ecto-Goggles.

Egon Spengler with the PKE meter and the The Trap, a containment for ghosts.

Winston Zeddemore and the Slime Blower.

…and Slimer! My favorite character from the animated series. Here he is in all of his gluttonous glory—holding a leg of ham.

Living here with Anthony means I’m constantly surrounded by gadgets and things. His work table is far worse than mine and twice as dangerous so I’m not surprised when he asked me if I’m able to build him a proton pack. Luckily, thanks to some true fans of the movie, I’m able to find a Proton Pack Assembly Plan online.

…well, on second thought, I’ll leave it to him!