A little while back I had the pleasure of painting the Big Bang Theory guys (and Penny) for someone on the other side of the world. It was such a fun project that I thought long and hard about doing another set but of course didn’t get around until now. I’m glad I waited, though, because there seemed to be a bit more focus on the girls now in the more recent episodes so the set’s expanded from five to seven!

On the show the guys all seemed fine to abide by Sheldon’s strict dietary schedule. It more or less reminded me of my college days where my brother and I sustained on fares from Texas BBQ, Pluck U, Schezwan Garden, and, of course, Soup and Burger just down the road from our apartment. It’s a good thing we had better metabolisms back in those days because there’s no way we can keep up with that diet now without consequences!

Big Bran cereal appears on Sheldon’s breakfast table only on Saturday mornings.

The Green Lantern tee is an obvious choice…since I’d just watched the movie recently.

Leonard’s cafeteria style lunch at work.

It’s just an excuse to paint Fuji water!

Raj with pizza quite possibly on Sundays after “going to the farmers’ market to ‘scam on hippie chicks'” with Howard.

Howard on Friday, which is Chinese food and Vintage Game Night.

Here are the girls in Penny’s room.

Did anyone noticed the increasing amount of Penny’s alcoholic intake in the recent episodes?

Blossom, er, I mean, Amy Farrah Fowler, on Monday, which is Thai night.

Howard’s fiance Bernadette. She strikes me as someone who doesn’t mind a salad or two with her meals.