I’m talkin’ about them cops of Reno 911 of course!

Meet Lt. Jim Dangle in his short shorts for “mobility.”

Dep. Sven Jones, a smooth talker who also moonlights as a stripper.

Dep. Raineesha William, loud and proud with a juicy posterior.

Dep Clementine Johnson, the sexiest female cop on television.

Dep Trudy Wiegel, who, by all right, should not be issued weapons of any kind due to an assortment of problems: physical as well as psychological.

Sgt James Oswaldo Garcia, sexist, racist, angry and depressed cop. He should be depressed. He’s a terrible marksman.

Dep Travis Junior, a stereotypical redneck who is never seen without his sunnies and a Kevlar vest.

I’m not crazy about reality cop shows, but Reno 911! was one I never missed an episode of!