I’ve been living in Oz for four years now and I still can’t wrap my head around a hot Christmas. Watching people stringing up Christmas lights in nothing but a pair of boardies and flipflops does not say Yuletide to me. Worst of all, I can’t keep any Christmas treats lying around without the ants thinking it’s theirs and coming in droves to cart it away. That means no gingerbread house for yours truly.

This year, though, I decided that my sewing skills might be adequate enough for me to construct a gingerbread house out of felt and whatever baubles lying around. Two third-degree burns and some tears later, I present to you—A Gingerbread House Fit for an Australian Christmas:

All right, my sewing skills still needs a little work, but the house wasn’t as wonky as I thought it was going to be.

Hey, ants! Try to take THIS away!