“Breaking Bad” is a wonderful TV program starring the excellent Bryan Cranston as  Walter White, the cancer-riddled school teacher who wanted to make sure he doesn’t burden his family with debts after he’s passed on by manufacturing crystal meth with a former student of his. Good family man, that Walt White. I’ve only ever seen Bryan Cranston in comedies like “Malcolm in the Middle” and my favorite role of his up to date in “Seinfeld” as Tim Whatley. As a gift for my friend Pacheco, who is the guru on my path to enlightenment, I’ve painted him some of the choice characters from “Breaking Bad.”

Walt and Jesse, his student and “business partner.”

Gus Fring, their other business partner.

Tuco, the psychotic drug distributor, holding his two favorite things: Gun and ice.

Skylar, Walt’s pregnant wife.

Just to shake things up a bit, Walt’s brother-in-law is Hank, a DEA agent.

Marie Schrader, Walt’s sister-in-law who also happened to be a kleptomaniac.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Pacheco!