This set was requested by someone who obviously loves his lady very very much. I totally dig that. Why give the special someone in your life a run-of-the-mill tennis bracelet when you can have ol’ Ms. Irene here paint her a custom set of dolls? It was so much fun making this set because it’s all kinds of girlie and the next few sets of dolls are not going to be “pretty.”

There’s just something so spectacular about someone in your life giving you customized gifts, isn’t there? For instance, I knew it was true love when my hubs made me a padded seat for my kayak. That, and a foot locker to stow my precious cargo. I’m trying to convince him I need a waterproof hatch for my snacks, readily available as I paddle. Oh, and a stand on the front deck to mount a small television/DVD player on, but he told me he doesn’t love me that much.