Can you believe I totally forgot about Halloween this year? No! It’s true! With the weather being so warm and getting a whole new stack of penny dreadful from the library, I forgot! But I did manage to crank out this set to commemorate this delightfully macabre holiday.

No one is more ghoulish than the Addams! I love ’em! It’s too bad there’s no extra doll lying around to make Cousin Itt!

“You rang?” — Lurch

“I’ve been yours since that first day you carved my initials in your leg,” — Morticia, to Gomez

“Cara mia,” — Gomez, to Morticia

“My name is Fester. It means ‘to rot.'” — Fester

“Oh, no time for riddles. I’m cookin’ gopher goulash for dinner.” — Grandmama

“This is the best storm since lightning put the short circuit in Uncle Fester.” — Pugsley

” I’m not perky.” — Wednesday