…carry my pain on the right…

I guess I’m a bit of a Bjork fan. By that I mean I don’t own ALL of her albums, but I do have a hard-to-find VHS tape of her first movie “The Juniper Tree” and I used to knob up my hair during my art school days. Here’s a shout out to the kookiest girl in the world:


Bjork’s fabulous bell dress from her “Who Is It” video had me collecting about a million beads and sewing them together to create a miniature version. It’s not as spectacular as Alexander McQueen’s original creation, but I’m pretty pleased with the result…especially since I did it while watching “Bret Michael’s Rock of Love (season one)” marathon and was feeling a little dirty the whole time.

This one is from Bjork’s “Wanderlust” video. Did anyone see it in 3-D? Her videos are like weird little Michael Gondry movies, aren’t they?…especially ones directed by Michael Gondry.


I was originally going to paint the smallest Bjork in her infamous swan dress, but at the last minute I went with a “classic Bjork.” Nobody can pull off hair knobs quite as coolly as her in “Venus as a Boy.”

I had such a blast doing this set that I’ve already got another idea for a trio of Bjorks in the near future!