How cool is it that your name is Alice and that your parents are even cooler to have it spelled A-L-Y-S? I have to admit that I agreed to do this project based on the subject’s name alone!

This is a portrait of Alys through the years. What a cool gal. Globe trottin’, guitar playin’, education seekin’, picture takin’…she’s got it all! That’s why I broke out the big guns and unearthed my gold leaf. If anyone deserves to wear a crown for doin’ it all, it’s Alys.

This hippie strap was modeled after the one I had when I was going through my Age of Aquarius phase.

It wasn’t a problem painting both the Fender Strat AND the camera since they’ve both been a big part of my life. My best friend in NY is a photographer/guitarist. You can kinda guess what his apartment/studio looked like!

I LOVED painting this teeny car!

Of course that’s a glittered heart.

For those of you who had to deal with Hurricane Irene, I hope you got through it unscathed and that you have plans for those 85 loaves of bread you knocked someone out at Costco’s to get.