I’ll admit it. I was a bad student, even as an adult I had the attention span of a gnat in any classroom setting. As a result I spent a majority of my Technology in the Classroom seminars making fake certificates proclaiming me to be a graduate of the Phillippe Moreau School of Cryptozoology (with honors, of course). It’s too bad I was so bad in science too or else I’d be tracking down real monsters and things instead of painting them!

I use the top of a Nutino jar for a pincushion and store all the miscellaneous sewing supplies inside. It’s not aesthetically pleasing in any way so I thought I’d fill it up with something fun. This is what I call a diorama pincushion.

The pincushion itself is made out of real faux Yeti fur!

It also depicts a scene of the Snowman’s home up in the mountains somewhere. Just looking at it makes me want to turn up the dial of my electric blanket!

I was one of those kids who, instead of turning in a book report accompanied by a hastily drawn scene of, say Anne of Green Gables getting her best friend drunk on red currant wine, I’d make an extravagant diorama out of tissue boxes and construction papers. My former students were subjected to countless sessions of “Ms. Irene’s Diorama-Rama” and spent hours cutting teeny objects and losing them. But they kept at it not necessarily because they enjoyed dioramas, but that it counted as 80% of their grade.

Just give me a glue gun, a box of doodads, and an excuse and there’ll be one more object to dust on Cleaning Day at my house!