It took two days before I realized what that tune stuck in my head was: Why, it was the theme song to “Small Wonder,” that iconic 80’s sitcom about a robotics engineer who made a human girl shaped robot to help out around the house while attempting to pass her off as the real deal.

I know! I was crazy about this show. I walked around the house wearing my mother’s apron and a high pony and spoke in a monotone. It was a good thing there wasn’t another girl my age living next door or else I’d try to get her to dye her hair red and brush it into pigtails!

This was the way to Vicki the Robot’s heart—that and a screwdriver.

Jamie, Vicki’s all-American human brother. Bet he put up a big fuss when told he had to stow a human shaped robot in his wardrobe, huh?

Harriet, the nosy busybody next door. I remember being absolutely fascinated by this girl’s coif. I know it was the 80s and people got away with a ton of things, like side zippered jeans and maxi pad-thick shoulder pads and Bill Cosby sweaters, but it was a relief that Harriet’s hair never made an appearance outside the show.

I mean…you can kind of see why, right?