Of all the faeries I’ve painted, I haven’t done a tooth faery yet. That’s because I’ve been saving the best for last.

Introducing the Toof Faeries!

They’re like your average Good Luck Fearies but they also come with sidekicks! Along with the boy Toof Faery there’s Maxillary “Max” Molar and with the girl Toof Faery we have Mandibular “Mandi” Molar pin as well as a sticker.

And! To keep your precious tooth from escaping, the faery, sticker, and the pin comes in a handy dandy “Toof Tote.”

Ta da!

A close up of the skirt. Yes they’re “embroidered” molars!

Look for the Toof Faeries in my Etsy shop and at The Collective Store!