The best thing about painting in my NY abode is that I have a semi-permanent studio mascot. Bo makes the trek up to the second floor each day and sits patiently with me as I paint. He takes loud, odorous naps at my feet, examines the dolls with a critical eye, investigates my art supplies, mistakes my bag of sheep hair fiber as an actual sheep and more often than not, demands a full-body massage. Of course I can’t say no to him, especially when he looks at me with those big Precious Moments eyes.

Bo, hard at work mascoting and watching over my paints.

Don’t think I just make him sit with me all day. We play dress up too. Here he is, as Tallulah BeBelle, the snotty girl from Atlanta who attends an exclusive New England private school where she vies to be the queen bee but to no avail. There’s a string of pearls somewhere to complete this ensemble, but round objects tend to transform Bo into a bulldog shaped cyclone so you’ll just have to imagine it.