Boy, I tell ya, it’s getting harder and harder to get over these jet lags. I don’t know how people who travel for a living do it. Got some tricks? Care to share it?

Still, it did not prevent yours truly from unfurling her bamboo paintbrush holder (I used to use my mother’s one for making sushi until she discovered it and confiscated it. It’s all for the best, however, since she wasn’t able to make me any of her delicious sushi while I was in possession of her bamboo mat). I did a bigger version of the Frida Kahlo dolls and totally went to town on her headdresses. Cotton balls are a wonderful thing, don’t you think?

 Now that I’m back in New York, I have access to a whole range of supplies and materials, namely, something that I’ve been dying to work with for a while now. Let’s just say the little blurb I wrote in my Facebook post triggered a host of nostaglic musings from friends…ones who have sat diligently through episodes of “The Muppet Show” before discovering MTV. My workspace is absolutely covered with furry pelts. Rest assured, though, all of it is faux!