You know what’s fun about this family portrait set? Three-fifths of its members are cats! And do you know what the best thing about it is? That they’re all gussied up in pirate-wear!

Boy, did I have a blast painting this set!


Who says there has to be a parrot on a pirate’s shoulder? Why not a chimp in a banana skirt and mouse wielding a cutlass?

I’m pretty pleased about the corset and the miniature pirate ship.

An old been-there-done-that sort of pirate cat.

During the Big Move I had more than my fair share of KFC…guess it kind of showed here, except instead of the Colonel, we have Kapp’n Krusty.

I love this tabby because she has a pet pig!

And…the pièce de résistance…

…the tricorn hats!

Well, you landlubbers, next time I see you I will be back in the Big Apple! The timing cannot be more apt as I’ve got a set of dolls in mind that requires a trip to Mood Fabrics. Maybe there’ll be some harried designers from Project Runway rushing around in there during my visit. Can’t wait!