When a psychiatrist contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to paint something for her to use in her sessions with patients, I was a bit hesitant. If you’ve looked at my body of work from the past, you’d understand why. Vampires and monsters, sitcom characters and utter ridiculousness…I was a little intimidated by this project. To delve deep into my soul and paint representational figures was so not my bag, but I’m always up for a challenge so I accepted this proposal.

They’re supposed to represent the inner conflicts of a woman’s life from toddler to middle age.

Now these gals found some solace and satisfaction.

I was truly happy to have finished painting this set before the Big Move. My paints and brushes were the last things to be packed up and I lost the little dolls not once but twice. Of course I could always paint while I’m all settled into my new space, but what’s the excitement in that? An old art teacher never ceased to point out that Caravaggio was still painting even when he was on the run from murdering his tennis opponent, so it would behoove us to be just as dedicated in our craft. I wasn’t exactly on the run from the law, but the thought was there!