I am not going to talk about the horror the Japanese is facing right now. It’s terrible that such a thing should happen to this gem of a country. Instead, I want to share with you some of the beautiful sites I had the pleasure of seeing not too long ago.

My trip to Japan had been one of the nicest, most pleasant experiences in my life. Everyone I met there had been incredibly courteous, helpful, and friendly. It’s the kind of vacation that every holiday makers dreamed about but very few got to experience. Although matryoshka dolls are traditionally a Russian folk art, it was in Japan that I felt an overwhelming need to paint them and the ideas had been coming strong and fast ever since. In a way, I owed this country, its people, its art and culture tremendous gratitude for steering me down this very interesting path. I can only hope now that Japan will get itself out of this unspeakable disaster and land on its feet.