They’re here! Mini matryoshka-shaped magnets!

Click on the pics for close ups.

Frida Kahlo, Punk Gurl, Lady Gaga

NYC tourist munching on a bagel, Steve Zissou, and Lady Gaga (again!)

Mermaid in purple glitter, the strongman, mermaid in turquoise glitter

Marie Antoinette with cake, Cupcake pageant winner, green luchador

Assembling these guys were fun. They’re made 100% out of polymer, lovingly baked and hand-painted by yours truly. Making these magnets were a little different than painting matryoshkas. For one thing, you can make all sorts of head gear. For another, my mermaids finally got real tails!

They’re now available at my etsy shop, ready to add some attitude to your fridge…or whatever magnetizable surfaces that suits you.