Did you ever get a sense that someone’s not telling you the whole story when you ask them about their trip to Vegas? My friend was there for a decadent weekend recently to celebrate a cousin’s end to bachelorhood. When I asked him if it was anything like “The Hangover,” he responded, “It’s actually more like, ‘Very Bad Things,’ but minus the dead hooker. I think. I don’t know. I passed out somewhere around three.” And he refused to elaborate after that. Whoa.

Here’s to some of the people that makes Las Vegas so fabulous:

The roulette dealer and the cigarette girls were especially fun to paint, but not as much fun as the pimp in his little red snake skin sport coat and pimp cup!

But my absolute favorite is mini Elvis impersonator and his pompadour!

I suppose I should think over whether or not I should let my friend host Anthony’s stag night!