This might deviate a bit from my usual course, but I was in the mood for something new. Sculpting has never really been my thing, but I can papier-mâché like nobody’s business, thanks to my former students’ desire to transform my classroom into a sticky war zone two semesters a year. Like any good art teacher, I’d be down in the trenches with them, thus unintentionally honing my skills. I’m not quite sure I can make a life-sized doll with newspapers and wheat paste, but I can certainly come up with a 40″ Cheese Doodle without incident!

My love for dark comedies started with “A Little Shop of Horror.” It’s got everything! A carnivorous plant, domestic violence, a Greek chorus consisting of three sassy urban teens, and a great musical score.

Audrey II took about 2 weeks to make. For once I am grateful for the unrelenting Australian sun…it’s made that period where you wait for the glue to dry between layering so much shorter!

The original plan was for Audrey and Seymour to be able to fit inside the plant’s mouth, but as the layering got thicker and thicker, I had to nix the idea. Still, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Now if you will excuse me, I’ve got an entire room full of shredded newspapers and glue blobs to pick up. Stephen Sondheim was right: Art isn’t easy…especially when you have no helper monkeys to clean up after you!