Anthony and I have cleared our weekend to head up north for some wedding-related stuff and the Swampland Festival—I mean, Wetlands Festival—at Nudgee Beach. They were, happily, left untouched by the recent floods. It’s business as usual and that’s good to see…especially since we have friends living there!

On the way over, I did something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while now…visit the Collective Store in Wynnum. A very enterprising woman named Leonie has opened up a most marvelous shop right here in Queensland. I’ve seen something similar during my travels in Asia and was hoping someone here would do the same. Well, Leonie did it and she did it so well. You can rent a space at The Collective to display and sell your wares. The shop is absolutely beautiful. Leonie created a harmonious space housing so many diverse objects from artists all over Australia. I was gobsmacked and more than honored to have my dollies sitting in such a gorgeous store. It’s like being inside a live-action Etsy shop!

All the items in the store are handcrafted and absolutely gorgeous. You can find anything from clothes to home decor to jewelery to an outrageous hand-carved rocking horse that looks like it can weather any storms Australia dishes out.

(And that’s real horse hair too!)

I’m happy to say that the Good Luck Faeries will be featured at The Collective Store in the very near future (as well as the Toadstool Pincushion). In the meanwhile, watch out for some new additions in Etsy in the next month or so!

Are these things fabulous or what?

It was a real treat to see my Rainbow Girls sitting in the front window!

If you are in Australia and have created beautiful things to share with the world, check out The Collective Store. Click on the icon on the sidebar and it will take you to their website, where you can find out more on how to join.