The hardest thing about doing the Absolutely Fabulous girls was working out which outfits to paint on the dolls. There are just so many crazy ones to choose from! But good sense won out in the end and I didn’t attempt any of the zaniest ones worn by Eddie and Bubble. Still, I had to rest my eyes every now and then while painting this set!

The ladies of Ab Fab

Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stones are over the top, chain-smoking alcoholics obsessed with fashion and pop culture. They turned intoxication into a new art form. Are you a Patsy or an Edina? That’s the question we asked ourselves before the dawn of “Sex and the City.”

One of my favorite Edina accessory.

Edina’s disapproving daughter Saffron.

Bubble, Edina’s ineffectual and inept personal assistant with a bizarre wardrobe.

Edina’s somewhat senile mother with kleptomaniac tendencies.

Television doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

I never ever thought, in my life, that I would paint the Teletubbies…especially in this scale!

And here’s some good news for you Ab Fab fans out there: there are talks of the series coming back this year! Pop a champagne cork and drink up, sweetie darling!