Yes! Here’s to getting through another year relatively unscathed! But that’s not going to be enough for this new year…especially with my impending nuptials on the way as well as perilous journeys in the new kayak that Santa brought. I’ll need as much help as possible, which is why I need these lucky cats (and a chance to practice my calligraphy, which won’t win any awards any time soon).

Back in the old days in Japan, several emperors and such have passed by cats who seemingly waved at them. They took it as a sign and went to it, thus diverting them from journeys which might have been laid with traps. From then on the Maneki Neko became a sign of pure good fortune.

This set of ridiculously small five matryoshka dolls consists of these lucky cats who will hopefully deliver everything good.

Some details…

Thought I’d kick in a “Lucky in Love” cat as well. After all, it’s not really money that makes the world go round, is it?

The last doll may be tiny, but it’s also carrying the Daruma doll, which is the Japanese’s talisman for good fortune. It is said that one eye is left unpainted so the recipient of the doll may make a wish and paint in the eye in order for it to come true.

(The Daruma doll)

I hope you all get what you wish for in this new year!