Babushka Girl of Russian Treasures just sent me a huge shipment of bead dolls…which I couldn’t wait to make a dent in. Alas, with only so many hours in a day and about a zillion projects on my plate, I was only able to paint a few this week. Here are some more new (and old, but improved) Good Luck Faeries!

Say hello to the Sunshine Day Faery. With a swift flick of her sunshine wand, she’s bound to sweep all the cobwebs in your life away!

The First Date Faery is here to make sure you don’t make any first date faux pas. She’ll let you know when there’s spinach stuck in your teeth or talk you out of wearing those brand new Jimmy Choos when you haven’t had a practice run in them. Even though you might not be garanteed a second date, your first date will certainly be rendered flawless!

While we’re on the subject of dating, here’s Lucky in Love Faery. She knows just how hard it is to find the right partner, and she’s here’s to make things a little easier. You don’t need any self-help books, just a little luck and a a bit of liquid courage to get the ball rolling!

Here’s an oldie but a goodie…the Bake Good Faery! If you have her in your kitchen, you will most likely not accidentally substitute salt for sugar, or absentmindedly stir one too many eggs into the batter. She will make sure you are on top of things at all times to prevent you from overbaking that bundt cake or muffins.

(The new and improved Bake Good Faery now sports some jolly cupcakes on the hem of her apron!)