I suppose it’s not such a bad idea to immortalize your family in matryoshka form…that is, if you don’t mind the Rubenesque physique. Here’s my very latest project:

It took longer than usual to paint this set because A. I really want to get every detail right and B. I made my first ever decal! It was purely by accident, mind you. But after a few trials and errors, the photographs in the second doll’s hands have been transformed into plastic decals…but not after I lost a few in the process, since they were itty bitty.

Russian dolls usually come in odd numbers, which leaves the last doll of this set empty. So I filled it up with a little surprise:

I’ll be the first to admit a ball and a bone is an utter cliché, but hey, those are the two things that my own dog is obsessed with, and I have to go with that!