“Family isn’t a word, it’s a sentence.”

“The Royal Tenenbaums” is a fantastic movie about former child prodigies and their reunion as adults after their father announced he had cancer. A request to immortalize them in doll form had me scrambling for my brushes and paints.

The highly insensitive patriarch of the family, Royal.

Etheline Tenenbaum, mother, archaeologist, author. She was based on Wes Anderson’s mother…in fact, the glasses Anjelika Houston wore in the film belonged to Mrs. Anderson.

Chas Tenenbaum, who is obsessed with safety and his sons Ari and Uzi, after the death of his wife.

Margot Tenenbaum, who was adopted. She ran away from home for two weeks when she was 14 to meet her family and came back with half of her finger missing. Her look is based on singer Nico.

(The missing finger)

Richie Tenenbaum, a tennis prodigy who had a nervous breakdown on the day of Margot’s wedding to a neurologist.

Pagoda, friend and servant to the family. He was also an assassin in Kolkata.

Ari’s Dalmatian mouse.

As with some of my dolls, it’ll be sad to see them go, but at least I know they are going to  someone who is as nutty about Wes Anderson’s characters as I am…if not more!