There aren’t many shows out there like “Flight of the Conchords,” the fourth most popular folk parody duo in New Zealand!

After much contemplation, I’ve decided to make this set a “double trio.”

This way, both Bret and Jemaine can be the same height…and I got to include some of the best supporting cast on television to date.


Murry Hewitt (played by the hilarious Rhys Darby), the Conchords’ incompetent manager.

Murray posing in front of the New Zealand Consulate.

Murray is overly officious, which is evident in the way he insists on taking attendance at every band meeting.


Devjeet “Dave” Mohumbhai (played by Arj Barker), Bret and Jemaine’s friend who still lives with his parents but claims they’re his crazy roommates.

Dave posing in front of his family’s pawn shop.


Mel, the band’s lone fan/stalker. Oh, god! They couldn’t have gotten anyone better than Kristen Schaal, who makes utter creepiness unbelievably cute, to play her.

As a hardcore Conchord fan, I just had to include that inappropriate “fan art” Mel has created.

In the episode “The Tough Brets,” Mel gave Jemaine a painting, which he tried to throw out. He claimed that Bret’s jealous of it, so Mel rectified the situation by adding Bret into the scene.

Even though the reproduction I did is miniscule and you can’t really appreciate the boys’ physique on such a tiny scale, I had a great time painting it!


Doug (played by David Costabile), Mel’s former psychology professor and now husband. Even though his role in the show is limited to scenes where he drives Mel to a band gig or on a stalking mission, I want to include him in the set, as his presence always adds a little levity.


And here are the Conchords themselves:

Bret McClegnie, played by Bret McKenzie.

…and who can forget his collection of animal shirts?

Jemaine Clemaine, played by Jemaine Clement.

The cast of Flight of the Conchords (posing in front of Bret and Jemaine’s apartment).

It’s such a shame that this most excellent show is canceled. I used to see the film crew setting up for exterior shots when I worked at the Lower East Side and that would simply brighten my day. Now, whenever I get a little homesick, I pop in the DVD and see the boys singing and dancing all over my old stomping grounds. You rock, Bret and Jermaine!

On a brighter note, I found a picture of Bret, who, like most New Zealanders, was featured in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

He had a line and everything!