Last year, for my birthday, I asked to cuddle a koala. This wish was granted as the Currumbin Zoo was just around the corner from our house and I got to get close and personal with one of the cutest creatures in the world.

This year, I dared to dream bigger. I wanted to cuddle a wombat.

“That’ll never happen,” Anthony told me. “They might look cute, but they’re really vicious. Unless they wanted to be sued, no zoos would allow a guest to hold a wombat.”

But the Great Organizer of the Universe thought I deserved a good birthday after all. For a limited time and a small fee, visitors of Dream World Amusement Park were able to have a full-on Wombat Experience. For twenty minutes, we could play and hold a baby wombat, ask questions, and indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Being the best partner in the world, Anthony bought me a ticket and took about a hundred pictures of me playing with Little Orphan Annie like it was my first day in Kindergarten.

I highly recommend an encounter with a wombat…in a controlled environment, of course.

(Of course there was a wombat matryoshka in my arsenal of dolls!)

Do I dare to wish for a swim with the platypus for next year?