Just to show how popular Frida Kahlo is so many years after hear death, I once came face to face with three Fridas at a Dead Celebrity costume party. She’s an amazing woman. Not only did she have a bevy of medical aliments weighing her down, but she was also married to artist Diego Rivera, which can be a difficult task to undertake…which is something I can relate to. I have worked for an artist once and there had been times when I came this close to punching him in the neck…imagine married to one! It’s no wonder her marriage to Diego was always described as “temptuous.”

And so here they are, the woman who overcame so much just by being herself. It just goes to show that sometimes surrounding yourself with beautiful colors is the best medicine.

Did anyone enjoy the movie by Julie Taymor? Salma Hayek did an incredible job, I thought. The fact that the first Frida resembled Salma more than Frida herself is not lost on me…although that’s not how I intended in the beginning.

The woman, the legend herself.