“The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” is as off-beat as it gets. A revenge plot, pirates, glowing sea creatures, a skewed examination of family relationship…who can ask for anything more?

Oceanographer and documentarian Steve Zissou is bent on finding the Jaguar Shark that ate his best friend. Along the way he met his possible son and fell in love with a pregnant journalist.

Meet the crew on Steve Zissou’s research vessel Belafonte:

Pelé dos Santos, a safety expert and Brazilian musician who sings David Bowie songs in Portuguese; Klaus Daimler, a lovable German second-in-command who views Zissou as his father.

Vikram Ray, a Sikh cameraman who as described as a man “born on the Ganges”; Vladimir Wolodarsky, crew experimentator and original score composer.

(I love the concept of living on a boat. This was why when I was offered a job to cook for a crew on a working fishing boat, Wild Card, off in Cairns, I was all set to accept. But a pesky little work visa problem prevented me from doing so. My life would’ve been aquatic…although in hindsight, it might’ve been best that I never did accept the job…I don’t know how to swim!)