Ever wonder how you can achieve that lovable nesting doll shape? Well, wonder no more! Here are three easy steps to procure and maintain this glorious figure!

Step 1: Eating right is essential. BoBo BaBushka recommends a high-calorie, high carb, high sodium, high fat, all-sugar and grease street fair diet. Corn dogs, candied apples, chicken kabobs, mozzarepa, funnel cakes, corn with mayo on it…just to name a few. You can wash it all down with the saccharine sweet lemonade and enjoy a sno-cone topped with extra syrup for dessert.

Step 2: Low impact exercise. High impact exercise regiments will not help you achieve the nesting doll figure. But BoBo BaBushka has figured out a way to aid those who are exercise-conscious. A walk from the couch to the refrigerator is just the kind of exercise that will both help your cause AND give your heart rate a little boost. Don’t forget to rehydrate before and after these walks with a refreshing beverage such as a 32 oz. Crush.

Step 3: Get lots of Z’s. Do not overlook the power of sleep! BoBo BaBushka recommends 10-14 hours of sleep daily, supplemented by frequent naps.

By applying these 3 easy steps to your daily routine, you, too, can have a nesting doll body in no time!