Even though the weather was bordering on violently strange, those two days in Brooklyn had been a ton of fun. Renegade was beyond my expectations…although I wish I had a little bit more time to look around the other stalls! Fortunately a few of my favorite artists came by my booth for a chat and I absolutely enjoyed meeting everybody who took time out of their busy schedule to visit.

Many of you wanted to know about the display case for the dollies. I had to recall my art school days when I had very little time and budget to construct outrageous structures so I turned to foam core and chip boards. By combining the two, you can actually achieve a wood-like effect. They’re also surprisingly durable. I should know—the dollhouse survived windstorms and rain and a thorough inspection by Bo, my bulldog.

Me and Po’Trowski, whose face was tatted on Leon’s back from “Ink’d”

The wind forced Matt, my booth mate, and me to remove the tent before it decided to go for a stroll down Lorimer Street. Fortunately I had my home girls Po’Trowski, Lara, and Shawna and a giant wad of glue dots helping out.

I will be returning to Oz later this week. After the dollies clear customs, they will appear in my etsy shop. In the meanwhile, I plan to spend my few remaining days in the Big Apple hanging out with my peeps, my wonderful parental units and of course, Bo.

…Pamela, thanks again for the matryoshka tee! I’m sorry it didn’t make it into the photos!