The Japanese Doll Festival is called Hina-Matsuri, which is also known as Girls’ Day. This holiday used to have my knickers all in a bunch because I was this close to being a Japanese girl and felt I was entitled to celebrate this awesome holiday. Apparently being only one-eighth Japanese didn’t cut it.

The dolls I love, but dressing up in a cumbersome kimono and putting on make up with a trowel is really not my cup of tea. I guess I’ll just stick to painting them! This is a single bottle holder doll…you know what that means…plum wine for all!

I totally recommend “Akira Kurasawa’s Dreams.” The second part of the movie shows a live-action version of these ornamental dolls, dancing in a barren peach orchard (and by dancing, I mean swaying their arms around slowly and dipping at the knees every now and then. Very low impact).