A good thing about being back in New York is that I can re-activate my Netflix account and really explore the obscure horror movies from around the world. Although my horror movie taste leans more toward slasher flicks and really outstanding J-horror like Audition and Battle Royale, I like painting monsters and ghouls more than I like painting psychologically unhinged individuals.

Meet the inhabitants of this dilapidated mansion out in the middle of nowhere.

Francesca the ghoul has a real thing for old school horror movies and prefers to model her up do after the bride of Frankenstein. Hector can morph into a bat at will and insists that moose blood is better than human, much to the relief of the villagers just down the road from the middle of nowhere.

Angora loves cats so much that she became one herself after an encounter with some Cat People. They’re like werewolves, but meow at the sun instead of howl at the moon. Speaking of werewolves, Leland has been found by Francesca as a pup. Much to her surprise, Leland can also turn back into a little boy from time to time so he can participate in Little League come spring.

Some views of the house.

They can’t seem to get rid of their landlord, a ghost named Ignace living up in their attic. If they’re even just a minute late with their rent, Ignace will rattle his chains incessantly until they slip the rent money under the door.

After I have finished painting this set, I find that I have been influenced by film-noir more than I realize…all black and white with gloom to spare! Who says black and white is boring?