It’s been a year and a few short months since I started this babushka project, and wouldn’t you know it, I have now painted my 100th set! To commemorate this momentous event, I have decided to revisit an old favorite: The story of Hansel and Gretel. It’s got everything, wouldn’t you say? Children in peril, cruel adults, cannibalism, feminist movement (Gretel’s quick thinking deserves a shout-out), and cookies and cakes galore!

In lieu of the traditional gingerbread walls, I decided to go with something a little lighter: Wafers!

The “invisible wall” gives you a glimpse into the witch’s domicile. The table full of goodies is also a cage for her future meals.

I found something amazing while prowling around my favorite paper shop here in NYC: Martha Stewart Crafts Luster Glass Microbeads. They act as glitter, but, they’re these nano-sized beads which reminded me so much of those Black/raspberry jels that I had to incorporate them into this set.

The witch with her strawberry cake skirt, Hansel stuffing his face full of candies, and Gretel, looking none too happy with her bucket and mop.

It wasn’t easy painting this set. I must’ve gained 5 pounds because every so often, I’d have to tuck into the candy dish filled with chocolates and gummy bears!