I’m crazy about gnomes. I’ve sat through Disney’s “Gnome Mobile” not once but twice; I actually own Mystery Science Theater 3000’s “Mr. B Natural,” a short about an androgynous musical gnome who helped an adolescent boy named Buzz find the gift of music.  I’ve shelled out extra shipping charges for an obscure but delectable Gnome Swatch Watch (which came housed in an adorable toadstool); I had all of Rien Poortvliet’s Gnome books…That’s why it’s a bit of a surprise to me that it took this long to come up with a set of my favorite little woodland people.

This set came with only a large toadstool and three little ones. By luck I found a few unpainted mini babushka dolls in my collection of unpainted dolls. There’s always room for add-on’s!

The “invisible wall” gives you a glimpse into their little world.

I wouldn’t mind a little pipe organ in my sitting room either!

Mr. and Mrs. Gnome were especially fun to create…it might have something to do with making their little hats!