These new practical faeries are here to make your life a little more pleasant!

Introducing the Sing Your Heart Out Faery. Even if you can’t carry a tune or are completely tone deaf, she’ll still help you to sing from deep within.

The Nitey Nite Faery will help you sleep a little better at night, even if your bedroom happens to be right next to the railroad tracks.

And here’s the Good Hair Faery, for all those mornings when your hair is completely hopeless. Her philosophy is: When in doubt, beehive it!

Every time I do my washing I’d wish for a helper monkey…so here’s my Helping Hands Faery. A wave of his wand and the house hold chores will cease to be. But that is only if you can find him first!

The Wake Up! Faery sure isn’t going to let you sleep in! Not when he’s armed with a cup of aromatic coffee and a voice that’ll rouse even the dead!