Anthony and I often discuss where in the world we would like to go to for our eventual honeymoon. We both have very different ideas. I love the cold, so my dream vacation is Hammerfest, Norway, from December to February so I can see the Northern Lights at its awesomest. Anthony vehemently disagrees with this notion since he can’t tolerate any kind of weather below 70F. He’s not opposed to kayaking and camping around some obscure islands, but I’m not too thrilled with the notion of wearing sand to bed and having to dig out my own latrine first thing in the morning. The only compromise (so far) is an African safari. I’ve only been to the Northern regions and would love to check out the safari on my next go. These conversations has inspired the “Maasai Madams.”

One of my favorite cartoons show is “The Wild Thornberrys.” I love how the characters are placed in different parts of the world in every episode so the Dad can make documentaries of the flora and fauna in the area. Variety is always welcomed in my world. I always enjoy the episodes when the family are in Africa. One of my favorite is when Eliza visits what she thought is a backward Maasai tribe only to find that they speak English and have internet access in their huts.

Wait! What is that peeking out of the back of the doll on the left?

Why, it’s a little Maasai baby!

Nditho ta kwenya!