After 12 grueling days of being on a plane from Oz (all right, it’s slightly less than 12 days, but it sure feels that way), I am finally in NY, not quite up and running yet, but definitely ready to roll. I am pleased that my Bo, after several seconds of initial uncertainty, remembers me. He is still the roly poly narcoleptic delight that is my Bo.

The plan is for me to stay in NY until mid-June while Anthony is away on his expedition. He gets to enjoy the thrashing Mother Nature will no doubt bestow upon him (that is his idea of a holiday…to each his own, I suppose), and I get to hang out in my old hood, see my friends, chill with my parents, and squeeze Bo on a semi-regular basis.

Of course, this won’t be all play and no work: BoBo Babushka will be making a live debut in the beginning of June! (More information on that later on.) So a sincere apology to my peeps in advance if I seem a trifle absent-minded or forget to show up at a play date or two…I will basically be holed up in my room, painting, until June.

But it doesn’t mean I won’t emerge every now and then to enjoy life and have myself a nice genuine NY slice…with actual pepperoni on top!

…and the stare-down continues…

photo by Mrs. Irene’s Mom