With vampires being all the rage these days, what teenage girl wouldn’t want a family of them living next door to them? But unlike the Cullens or the Salvatores, the Family Vampyre are not about angst or a single-minded quest for human blood. They’re all about living the good life, funky hairdos, and integrating with the humans by participating in ordinary, run-of-the-mill activities. They might be viewed as eccentric, but no one has to fear for their life when the Vampyres open their door for a soiree.

Mr. Vernon Vampyre is the coolest Dad on the block…it might have something to do with his hairdo and his choice of pants.

Mrs.  Virginia Vampyre with a new addition to the family—an injured bat she’s nursing back to health and named Simon.

Veronica Vampyre is with the local bowling league. The Vampyre Vixens have been the undisputed champions at Schwaltz’s Bowling Alley four year in a row now.

Vance Vampyre is always up for a game of pool. Would you believe that he’s been a snooker player since the age of four? That is, before he learned not to puncture the billiard balls with his fangs.

Vonnie Vampyre can’t think of a better way to spend his days other than riding his trike and eating lollipops. He’ll have to watch it with the sweets, though. Those fangs don’t grow back once it’s rotted through.

A family like the Vampyres would be quite an asset to a block party, wouldn’t you say?