These two Good Luck Faeries were inspired by the two very special people in my life:

What’s Cookin’? Faery came about after reading numerous emails from my friend Debs, who could not stand in front of the stove without breaking out in hives. Fear no more! The What’s Cookin’? Faery is here to put the skittish ones at ease around those pesky pots and pans!

A cooking pot wand in one hand and a casserole dish in the other, she’s all about whipping up the perfect meal.

My Anthony, who is about to embark on a solo kayaking expedition from Cairns to Papua New Guinea (gulp!), will be the recipient of this particular Good Luck Faery…

However, he absolutely refuses to bring it with him unless I call it something else. So may I present to you the Bon Voyage Good Luck Talisman…the very first boy faery…er, I mean, talisman, in the collection!