The Good Luck Faeries are here again!

Here’s the Good Travel Faery, all decked out in her trolley dolly costume. She’s here to make sure your journey from one place to the next is always safe and hassle-free!

Let’s meet the Boo Boo Be Gone Faery! She’s won’t necessarily make your boo boo go away, but she’ll do her best to alleviate the pain!

Before you go and roll your eyes and say, “Irene, your misguided attempts to conjure up the spirit of the forest is simply pitiful. They’re just dolls! They don’t have magical powers! Why, they don’t even come with pixie dust!” Well, nay boo, nay boo! I’ll have you know that the first Good Luck Faery I’ve ever done was the First Date Faery, which I have presented to my friend Po’Trowski.

And you know what? She is presently in a happy relationship…due to the fact that her first date went extremely well. Who knows? Maybe they DO have some kind of powers after all!