I was thrilled to have been able to get my mitts on this: A single bottle holder Babushka doll!

Sadly, this bottle holder only holds a small gift sized wine.

I have painted a set of Marie Antoinette dolls before, which had been loads of fun to do. Except I felt that I didn’t get to fully explore the gluttonous factor of being a French aristocrat. This single Babushka doll enabled me to go full-on with all sorts of deliciousness.

The garland of pastries decorating Marie Antoinette’s hair.

…along with a ship…

…and a pastry headband…with a mini portrait.

All right, several mini portraits!

There is one rule I have when painting delectable comestibles: Eat first. It saves me from attacking my piggy bank for a bit of odd change in the middle of a session before knocking over small children to get at the candy counter.