I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited about Tim Burton’s vision of “Alice in Wonderland” that’s hitting the theaters soon…in 3-D! Of all the Alices out there, the only one  I liked at all is Jan Svankmajer’s stop motion masterpiece (although it can do without the voice overs) because it’s all kinds of creepy. I have high hopes for Tim Burton’s version, since he has just the right touch of the macabre and charm. I’ve painted an Alice set before (“Curiouser and Curiouser”), which I’m not happy with, so a 2.0 version is created.

Some details…

Since this set is named after a Cheshire Cat quote, I decided to put him in Alice’s pocket.

Well, I’ve already got my 3-D glasses spit-shined to a high sheen and ready to hit the theaters!