2009 was an uneventful year. Things were not going smoothly in the beginning, but then it started to shape up. I got to meet my brand new niece, live in the wild for a few weeks to see just exactly what I was made of (thankfully not of perishable stuff!) and got myself unexpectedly engaged. But most of all, I was able to find something to channel my creative outlet instead of wreaking havoc. Painting matryoshka dolls proved to be a lot more fun than I had originally anticipated. And so, here they are.

This new year will bring me back to NYC for a little while so I can pamper and dote on my bulldog Bo, hang out with my homies and catch up with the fam. I am looking forward to that. On the flip side, I’m NOT looking forward to saying goodbye to Anthony for a few months so he can embark on yet another treacherous kayaking expedition, this time from Cannes, Australia, to Papua New Guinea. Most people’s idea of a vacation involves room service and all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. Anthony’s is to acquire heat rash in a kayak and beat off crocodiles with a paddle. To each their own, I suppose.

Did you all make resolutions? Something you will want to accomplish in the new year? I hope you will all get what you set out for. I find that, if you are determined and pushy enough, you usually CAN get what you want out of life.

Happy New Year!