With spring here and our daily viewing of “American Chopper,” my life is now inundated with motorcycles and that’s given me an itch to paint yet another set of bikers.


Meet the Daughters of Beelzebub, the all-girl bike gang who roams through lonely highways and are always up for a good bar brawl.


Some details…

DSCF4628 DSCF4631

I love the idea of sidecar (not the cocktail, mind you…it tastes like solvent with a twist of lemon). And of course, the occupant HAD to be a bulldog, whom I’ve modeled after my brother’s auxiliary bulldog, Yama. The tattoo (right) is in honor of my Bully, who left us much too early.

DSCF4634 DSCF4635

The girls are keen to showcase their gang logo on the backs of their jackets and vests.

-2 20-14-56

Yama…the poster boy for braces.

Painting such highly detailed work could’ve given me a sever case of voluntary Torette’s, but I found that if I only paint, say, two wheels and part of a helmet a day, it was quite Zen.