Aside from the ruins and the ouzo, Greece, as I’ve remembered, was teeming with cats and gypsies. The gypsies weren’t as aggressive as the ones in Italy, but they did show up from time to time, demanding handouts while baring the Indian corn they’re passing off as teeth. Nevertheless, I am enchanted by their way of life, their colorful costumes, and how they’re able to turn their wooden legs into cash registers, as I’ve seen at a gypsy carnival in Nafleon.


Meet Mamba the teller of misfortune; Lassa, the candy butcher who vends chocolate cobras, candied skulls, gummy amphibians, and fruit flavored poison; and Pryia, the organ grinder whose music makes one’s skin crawl.

Some details…

1.gypsy4 2.gypsy3

3.gypsy2 4. gypsy1 5. DSCF4572

1. Those of you who are familiar with the tarot deck might recognize the “Death” card she’s holding…I told you, no news is good news when it’s coming from her. 2. Mamba’s pet snake Marguerite. 3. Lassa’s candies 4. Pryia’s organ. 5. Pryia’s winged monkey Mumbo.