It’s been nine months since I’ve started the matryoshka project and I have now completed my 50th set! Granted, I cheated a little by painting just a double this time, but Anthony is to blame for this since he won’t let me get a helper monkey for me to work in the third doll.


I’ve decided, in order to celebrate the completion of the 50th set, to paint Anthony and myself hanging out right here on the Gold Coast. Anthony is in his full-on kayaking expedition gear (minus the GPS, but he does have his sat phone on him) and I, with a band-aided knee, in my not-the-least-bit-professional bike wear (bonus points to those of you who recognize the artist who did the original graphic on my shirt. Hint: He used to hang out with Andy Warhol back in the 80’s).

And yes! That IS a Nutcase helmet. You can get the real thing at (.au for those of you on this side of the world).


Since Anthony’s always going on about the time when a croc tried to take a bite out of his kayak, I figured it would be fun to include a mini one trying to have a go at his pelican case.