Tip for those about to get ink’d:

It’s important to really think about what you want on your skin before making an appointment. This is crucial because it keeps you from coming out of the tattoo parlor wearing a Warner Bros character in homeboy pants or Chinese symbols loosely translate to “androgynous dumplings.”


I name her Jean-It after a friend, who also happens to be a tattoo enthusiast.


Some details…

1. front 2. back

3. side 4. side2

1. The dahlia peeking out of Jean-It’s left bra is part of the full sleeve my friend is planning to have inked in real life. This is a (tiny) sneak peek of the finished product. And of course I had to have the tops of her name put on the doll as well! On her right leg is the US Constitution and her left is the Iwo Jima Memorial.

2. I always loved New Hampshire’s state motto: Live Free or Die. Unfortunately, I forgot the “to die” part.

3. I love themed tattoos. If you haven’t guessed by now, Little Jean-It is extremely patriotic. Painting Mt. Rushmore was all sorts of fun. It was sort of a dare to myself if I can execute it in such a tiny scale. This doll, mind, is only 4 inches tall. On her arm is a full sleeve of Blind Justice.

4. Here you can see the Battleship Missouri and a part of the portrait of Little Jean-It’s grandfather (way on the right of the leg). On her arm is a full sleeve tat of Lady Liberty.

* * *

Leon loves the ladies, his momma, and the Virgin Mary. His tats are a dedication to all the special women in his life.


1. leon 2.  leon3

3. leon4 4. leon2

1. On the top of the skull, in itty bitty letters, are the words “Hopeless Romantic” written in Spanish. He is holding a beer in a stubbie cooler I modeled after Anthony’s own from South Mole Island. On his arm is the ever-lasting “Mom” tat and a portrait bearing the name of my bestie Po’Trowski.

2. On his back is a full-on tat of Virgin Mary, the mother of all mothers.

3. Leon’s portrait of his momma, Beatrice Mae.

4. A full portrait of his latest lady-love, whom I modeled after the same bestie, but with her first name on the banner. The portrait, unfortunately, does not do her justice since the doll is just two-and-a-half inches tall. On his arm are names of his past ladies, each of them crossed out.

* * *

Kandie is all about rock n’ roll. She grew up a few decades too late to groove out to Jefferson Airplane and Strawberry Alarm Clock, But thanks to her Dad’s immense record collection, this retro-chic rocker chick not only knows who Jimi Hendrix is, but her tats make all sorts of cliché images of dead rock stars fashionable again.


1. kandie2 2. kandie

3. kandie3 4.kandie4

1. On her boob is a portrait of Janis Joplin with the words “Love, Janis” on the bottom.

2. When I first started on these dolls, I had no definite idea what Kandie’s tattoo theme should be, but I knew I had to include a little upright piano. Everything just sort of evolved from there.

3. Her raised arm shows a full sleeve of a guitar and some abstract musical notes. There’s a metronome on her torso and a cassette tape on her thigh.

4. Jimi Hendrix is on her arm, an old school mic on her torso. If you can’t guess what those little figures on her thigh are supposed to be, then I have truly failed as a wanna-be tattoo artist.