Hello! I’m back from the two-week kayaking/camping trip in Australia’s glorious Hinchinbrook islands! Being so close to Mother Nature had me gasping in wonder from time to time. However, the biggest surprise was coming across several small island girls who seemed to delight in popping up in the most unexpected places!


I first saw Leola hiding behind some shrubbery at Zoe Falls. She was a bit shy at first, of course, but was immensely curious about a group of kayakers splashing around in the waters.


Leola and her pals BiBi and Kitta invited us to their beach for a cocktail.


They were quick to point out that although South Zoe Bay was beautiful, it was also filled with crocodiles.


They popped up again to offer us some refreshments at the top of Zoe Falls.


There were no shortages of coconuts at Nina Bay.


I was fortunate to visit their coral garden at Coombe Island when we pulled up there.


It seemed that they were most at home at the Hinchinbrook Eco Resort, where we spent hours spalshing around at the pool and resting up after days of kayaking and hiking.

Thanks, girls, for showing us a great time! I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they have followed us back to civilization!